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You will find a non-exhaustive list of the services we provide below:

Telephone - Landline Network - LAN-Rj45 Wiring

From DMARC at the NID to inside wiring and repairs, jack installation, moving jacks and adding telephone jacks.

including Cat-5e (data) and Cat-6 (voice) network wiring. Jacks and wall plates as well as labelling

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Router-WiFi-Internet Configuration

(port redirection security implementation, network shares, streaming) for multiuser access to the INTERNET, including Blackberry, XBOX Playstation, Wii, laptops and desktops.

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BDBR - Data Recovery -Computer Backup Configuration

Business data backup and recovery, including (unlocking of system if client lost their login password, recovery of data from USB keys, external drives, laptop and desktop drives if they are still in a minimal functional state) options to restore data on a new drive, or if client provides their own known good backup device data will be restored there. Future data recovery off of SIM cards in the works If client is not in Outaouais Region they can ship their drive through a courier, drive or device MUST be in an anti-static bag and properly protected packaging to prevent further damage in transit). Data recovery options are full data dump meaning all information regardless of condition is to be restored or specified file recovery (images/ documents/specific file)

Policy of no data recovered—no charge.

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Cleaning and Maintenance - Laptops and Desktops

Including compressed air cleaning, replacing thermal paste, verification of functionality of fans and cooling equipment, verification of PSU, contacts and peripheral ports.

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Hardware Upgrades

charged on a per piece install or package deal for multiple pieces installed

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Software Installs and Upgrades

are charged on a per-title basis (IE:Microsoft Office Suite or Adobe Photoshop) or a package price for multiple title installs, saving the client money.

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