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...because big things DO come in small packages.




We offer a plethora of communication solutions for residential, Home Office and small to medium businesses.  Our offerings range from converting phone lines to voice over ip, network wired and wireless secure connections.  The main purpose of SOHOSYNERGY is to assist the work-life balance clients struggle with daily in their home office and small to medium business start ups. We offer solutions to ease the workload both safely and securely.

The business is located in Ottawa

Vision and Mission Statement

SOHOSYNERGY’s mission is to provide professional communication services to Residential, home office to small and mid sized businesses with a friendly, professional and informative approach.Our business is making sure your home business is ready to communicate safely and securely while maintaining the synergy of work-life balance.
Through our services we take the time to explain our process and match the needs of the individual with the needs of their business all in one place.